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When I left school it didn’t take me long to figure out what I wanted to do in life, that was repair trucks, I just had a passion for it, I managed to get an apprenticeship in the workshop of a rival removal company in Blackpool called Brewer and Turnbull. I didn’t really fit in there as I was a bit shy in those days and received a fair amount of stick, however the company sold out to a chemical company and found me a job with the local Ford Main dealer called Thomas Motors.

Those skills have never left me however time takes its toll on the body especially when trying to loosen off large bolts, luckily I have 2 young technicians in the garage to help when required. Today was one of those days, The first task was to deliver the truck to the auto electricians, however I had to wait for a phone call from Apple as my itunes account had been locked for some reason, they were very understanding and once I had passed security they promised to send me an email to unlock my account.

Drooped the truck off at Ribblesdale Autos then walked to the train station as per the photo above, I was impressed at the train station as you can use automated ticket machines like they have in the London Underground. So on to Platform one to wait for the train to St Annes, only to be entertained by the network rail staff lining up the tracks with 6 people, 2 to dig, 1 to hold a flag, 1 with a clipboard, and not sure what the other 2 were doing, in fact their was a young lady in amongst them who was doing most of the work.

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Eventually the train turned up, full of students on their way to Blackpool and after making a fool of myself trying to open the door to get off at St Annes. Taxi back to the warehouse then off to the post office to get my photo taken and post off my driving licence application again .

After lunch it was storage container extraction time, ready for a customer wanting there goods out of store as well as moving them locally

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