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Waiting to Deliver to a New House

removals blackburnSo the day started well, we arrived in Wilpshire, Blackburn at 0830 customer all packed and organised, I left the crew to load then set off back to the office picking packing materials up on the way, The crew phoned me at 1130 stating they were loaded and ready to set off to deliver at Sabden, I duly picked the truck up at 1230 and set off.

Life would be so much simpler using a company such as Simma Properties to avoid the problems normally encountered by Estate Agents and property finders.

1st problem, the customer phoned me stating they had taken possesion of the house which was the good news, however the bad news was that the removal company had not finished loading and would be clear about 2pm. I thought the best plan was to call at our favourite butty shop in Brownhills then drive up to the delivery address , have lunch then assess the situation.

removals and storageOn arrival in Sabden, the removal company was indeed still loading so I parked further up the road to have my lunch, Dave one of my porters had had his so I asked him to go and have a word with the driver. Upon his return, he was surprised to report that it was a woman stacking the vehicle with  2 lads standing around not doing much. Time for a diplomatic bit of gentle persuasion on hurrying up a bit I thought so off I trotted to have a word. I was confronted by a tattooed lady with lots of piercings and hobnail boots stacking the vehicle well I thought, she was quite pleasant and we got on quite well, that mood soon changed when I told her my plan, you see as they were loading out of the customers front door there was room for me to unload up the driveway and the through the back door eventually pushing them out

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