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The Stubbs Guide to Office Moves

An office move in Darwen, lifting a filing cabinet on to the removal van

Office removals start with the initial enquiry as per normal however the questions to the customer are slightly different. The main question is how many people are moving which determines the size of the move, anything over 100 people could present a problem as the customer will want the move doing in the shortest time possible to minimize downtime, 2nd question, is the customer disconnecting and reconnecting computers including servers as we may need to bring a specialist with us.

Once the survey is booked I carry out the visit, using the usual routine of checking out the access which is the crucial factor in an office move, for example the distance from the office to the van is usually quite long so this needs to be taken into account, also is the move above ground floor ? if so, is there a lift and can it accommodate the furniture and are we allowed to use it ? On to the survey itself, walking round taking into account how many crates are required and what type, computer crates are a lot larger and require bubble wrap to protect the items, standard crates with lids can be stacked four high to minimize space and make it easier for packing. Photocopiers are the next problem, as soon as you move them the toner inside gets everywhere and demands a rebuild from a specialist so we always insist they are moves at owners risk, a lot of desks are L shaped these days so consideration must be taken whether they will fit through lifts and doors.

If the job is accepted we agree on when the crates are to be delivered, we use a sub contractor to supply and deliver the crates as they are better at controlling them than we are, they are usually delivered a week before. The customers staff are provided with labels to put on the crates and furniture to facilitate where they are to be moved to

On moving day the removal crew carry out the usual pre move checks, wedging open doors, and making sure the staff have packed the crates correctly and not overflowing, most of the time office staff like to pack their own crates with the exception of library or archive moves where larger crates are required to allow for sequential filing. We normally load the crates first to get at the furniture then finish off with the furniture so it gets in first, on delivery protection for the floors is applied by hardboard taped to the floor if required, also the inside of the lift is encased in hardboard if required, customers staff are assigned to all entry points to make sure the removal crews are sent in the right direction. The crates are moved and positioned in stack of 4 and positioned by the staff’s desk.

The customer is usually left with the crates to unpack at their leisure and the crate company will collect them a week later making sure the correct number are there which is the customers responsibility and will be charged if any are missing

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