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Removals to Durham

removals lythamSometimes when I get an an enquiry for moving house it can take weeks or even months for the actual removals date to come into fruition, this particular move was no exception.

The customer was an old lady moving from Anchor Way in St Annes, just behind the cricket club. When I carried out the survey one of her daughters was present, which was a blessing in disguise as there was a heck of a lot of stuff.

I returned back to the office to prepare the quote, over the next few weeks members of the family phoned me with various questions about the schedule of the move for good reason as it is a tricky scenario especially to stay competitive in the 2 day window, one of the main issues with a move like this, is that ideally we would like to pack and move day one then travel ready for a delivery first thing in the morning, however that would mean vacating the property for 2pm thus delaying the people moving in.

The customer collected cartons from my warehouse in St Annes a couple of weeks before and signed the contract, Removals day arrived and we were there at 8am as we had a fair bit to do, I carried out the packing while the 2 lads loaded up, luckily the customer had disposed of quite a bit of furniture but I didn’t take into account how much packing there was in the kitchen.

Removals Day

Loading took a little longer than anticipated as the removal company moving their customer into this address turned up. Thankfully the keys had not been given out yet so I had a bit of time, we eventually loaded at 2pm and called at my storage facility for Lunch.

It was a lovely day for it and we set off to Newcastle which took about 4 hrs, our first priority was to find somewhere to park up ¬†namely a pub which seemed to be quiet and a large car park for the removal van, however when we enquired¬†it wa apparent that the gates to the pub were closed at 11pm and didn’t open until after 9am.

Time for a rest

We stopped here for a meal then decided it was more appropriate to find somewhere to park up for the night which didn’t block us in

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