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Removals to Cark in Cartmell

Moving house

Carrying out removals to the country is a regular occurrence these days. I received this enquiry a few weeks back from an employee of British Aerospace who was changing jobs to Barrow in Furness, now this chap was a bit of a DIY carpenter and had an abundance of woodworking tools, equipment and wood.

He was married with 2 young boys and was quite adept at making his own furniture, I had forgotten how heavy proper wood was as most furniture these days is made of some cheap material, now this removal in Warton was a little on the large side and would take a couple of days to complete so I prepared the removals quote with this in mind, I gave him the price which he was quite happy with ¬†with packing service as well, I arrived on the Monday to carry out the packing of the glass and china in the kitchen. The following day was to carry out the loading of most of the effects which was a bit of a struggle due to the sheer weight of the woodworking lathes and drills, in fact I was a little worried that we could be overweight, however she’s an 18 tonner which would be unlikely.

With most of the removal items on I decided to call it a day. I left the beds and lounge furniture until the following morning. The next day was going to be a challenge as there was still a fair bit to load and reminded me a of a similar removal in preston I did a while ago.

The wardrobe cartons were packed away and the last of the furniture including a dismantled chicken coop was finally completed with a few cubic feet to spare enabling me to set off and raise the air suspension with a few creaks and groans.

The journey itself was a quiet one and the removal van managed ok until we hit a hill in Cartmell which was a little steep judging by the temperature gauge steadily rising, however she managed it ok.

Passing through Cartmel was interesting as I had never been through there before, a very pretty little village with a fabulous butty shop which we had lunch, so onward to the delivery which we found over a narrow bridge easily accessed as you can see by the first photo.

Unloading was easy as I managed to get close to the garage where most of the outside items went.

removals to cumbria

I don’t get over this way very much, I did a job out of storage, from Thornton to Morecambe quite near where I bought my drysuit from

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