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Removals to Blackpool and driving licence

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It’s that time of year when instead of focusing on removals and storage I have to concentrate on getting the removal van ready for MOT, now I know it’s a silly time to carry this out but sometimes thats just the way it goes I’m afraid.

The first task this morning after walking the dogs was to phone DVLA about my driving licence which runs out next week for the HGV category, as some of you may know a truck driver in UK  over the age of 45 must have a HGV medical every 5 years, in the past this has been an easy process, but new EU regs have added an eyesight test which has to be carried by an optician. I must admit I never noticed this on the form until my GP pointed it out. In fact my GP still had to do an eye test anyway which turned out fine.

This of course delayed the process as my GP couldn’t sign it off until the optician did his bit, I went to my usual optician where I spent a fortune on my specs a couple of years ago, then back to the GP for signing off so I could post it off.

I spoke to the chap at DVLA who explained that they had received the driving licence but I had not sent a photo despite me being advised previously not to do so and the application was on its way back to me to supply a photo, not a good start to the day.

The only removals job on today was a move out of 2 of our storage units, for a long term storage customer, which I had managed to extract on Friday. Now this involved the use of my 3 tonne removals van

storage units

as the large removal van was due for MOT today which I had to take, to top all that another removal company phoned me to bring one of their customers into two of my storage units which caused a bit of a problem as I was not going to be there. Luckily my removal crew were around at the same time to assist unloading the goods into the storage containers for the MOT.

On arrival there were a number of tasks to be carried out mainly to replace the fuel cap that had gone missing over the weekend, secure the passenger mirror, remove the wheel trims so the inspector can check the wheel nuts, open the side doors to allow the concrete blocks to be loaded on to the rear of the removal van giving it more weight so the wheels don’t slip on the brake rollers.

The went ok apart from three failures, speed limiter not working correctly (seemed ok to me) two rear shock absorbers, and a blowing exhaust. Easy repairs however the exhaust silencers on this removal van can be a bit pricey around the £4000 mark, so a repair is due, for the third time. On returning to the warehouse I checked to see if everything  was ok with the storage units which needed a little adjustment. So back to the shock absorbers, I feared the worst as they have never been moved for 16 years, but a bit of inginuity with a trolley jack and a combintion spanner soon fixed that. I booked the van in with the speed limiter specialists then called it a day

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