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I can always tell a busy time in furniture removals as the phone rings off the hook for a about a day and everyone wants a free quote for moving usually in the last 2 weeks of August traditionally when the kids are off school and changing terms or schools when moving house using a removals company.

As I am quite busy with other tasks it seems sensible to do all of these in one day, my first port of call was a family moving house in Padiham near Burnley who had a provisional lancashire removals date but nothing confirmed, one particular interesting thing I noticed was the Butchers table in the cellar as this house used to be a butchers company and the meat was cut up on this table over a 100 years ago, it still had the drain under the window for draining off the blood, the table was made of marble top and brick pillars, I certainly wouldn’t want to move that top up those stairs.

After dropping packing boxes off at a couple of addresses in Blackburn, and for a removal in Preston. I called at a very exclusive apartment at Woodford Hall in Mellor, now I had no idea that this place existed and took some finding, the grandeur of the place astounded me,apparently it was the home of the owner of Thwaites brewery company Elma Yerburgh from the late 19th century to 1946, since then it fell into disrepair and even had the roof removed to avoid council tax, however it was finally restored to its former glory and converted to flats.

The next day was a trip up to Burnley with a job out of storage for a regular customer of mine moving some goods to USA, he also had some items which needed collecting from Self store. The next job was a collection from Clifton Village into storage

Removals in Mellor

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