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Removals survey in Padiham

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I very rarely get the opportunity to carry out a removals quote as far as Padiham but the lady was looking for removals companies  who could carry out her move and phoned me for a quote sounded like the type of customer we like to deal with, explained that she was moving house to London which is a challenge in itself these days due to hefty emissions regulations but I decided to make a one off trip up there as I didn’t have any other removal companys surveys to carry out up there. As soon as I arrived I took the photo of the exterior of the house mainly because of the sheer beauty of it. I tend not to complement customers on the houses or area they are leaving as its questions their motives for leaving in the first place.

I knocked on the door and was greeted by the lady of the house, who showed me round, the house was huge in fact far to large for a single person as her husband had passed away, we started upstairs as per my normal schedule. A lot of furniture was being disposed of which wasn’t surprising but there were a lot of books to be moved, fortunately I have a lot of book cartons in stock.

Some of the ceiling was starting to give way in one of the bedrooms, so it was obvious the place was becoming a bit of a burdon.

Now on to the downstairs, lounge was full of books especially a vast array of Encylopedia Britannica, which the customer was finding difficult to get rid of, rather than simply throwing them away. Most of the dining room furniture was to be sold, however nearly all the smalls needed our packing services, in fact 150 cartons of them.

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So that’s the interior done, now time to venture to the garden and was amazed to discover a swimming pool with a canopy, the customer said she swam in it every morning, she must be made of stern stuff especially in winter as there was no evidence of heating.

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After the fascinating trip outside it was time to retreat in to the lounge for me to add up my figures and work out a removal schedule while the customer has a chat with the window cleaner. Upon her return we agreed that it would be best for her contents to be packed over 2 days and then put into storage

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