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Removals, horses and a heatwave

This was very tricky to get into position

Removal van  access to properties has always been a problem especially when you have a full size van, something the man and van brigade don’t have to worry about, this particular job I surveyed a few months back and remember the approach to the farm was up a narrow lane with a sharp bend a the top, the normal procedure with removal companies is  to use a smaller van to transfer the goods from the address to the van parked up further along the main road.

So on moving day I took the smaller van with me, the van driver mentioned  that he had seen me get up tighter lanes than that so I decided to give it a go and hey presto I managed it.

The weather forecast was predicting a rise in temperature for the following day, this spells trouble for all removal companies as lifting heavy furniture in high temperatures is not easy.

The following day required us to deliver part of the removals job in Chorley, again with poor access but was quite a fabulous property.

Removals chorley

The delivery address was actually a farm, but with a horrible staircase, although there was  a staircase around the back which was a lot wider than the the type of removals in Lytham we get sometimes.

tight squeeze for your your average removal company

Moving a chest of drawers around a corner into storage units

Moving a bed upstairs while doing removals and storage in preston

Once that was completed I had to wait for a delivery van waiting to deliver horse feed, the driver was not pleased that I was blocking the drive however he was soon on his way leaving me to negotiate the tight turn at the end of the lane.

The next part of the removals process was the next delivery to Rochdale, now I thought my bad access day was over until I arrived only to find the tightest entrance ever devised with a tree in the way. The temperature was ramping up to the hottest day of the year so far and I had just recovered from a hair raising trip up the M66 through roadworks causing the engine to run a wee bit warm.

Fortunately I just managed to get the removals van around the tree and through the lane and through the entrance as I didn’t fancy a long walk in this heat.


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