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Removals from Livesay Branch

2016-01-21-10.57.54A couple of weeks ago I prepared a removal quote for  a Customer in Livesay Branch Rd, a small removals in Blackburn by my normal standards however it did involve a double wardrobe of the kit furniture type which needed to be dismantled to get it out of the house and re assembled at the delivery address

The usual routine happened where we loaded by 1230 only to find the removals van belonging to the people arriving and wanting to move in, I had to go out carry out another international removals survey in Accrington and give them a removal quote, This particular residence was in the centre of Accrington in some fairly new houses which I hadn’t seen before, it took me a while to find the house due to the usual crazy house numbering system in the UK. I rang the bell and introduced myself to the young lady and her rather poorly little boy who by her own admission could be a little destructive to say the least, like all boys he was into everything. The customer told me the story of when it snowed last week her husband took ages to build a snowman only for the son to push it over. I completed the survey and said my goodbyes. So onward to the removal in Blackburn, the removals crew had nearly finished loading however the new owners had gained possession and were waiting to get in. Finally loaded we set off round the corner and completed the removal.

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