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Removals Blackpool

2016-01-14-09.24.12Carrying out a removals blackpool quote for a previous customer is always a pleasurable experience especially when its from an ex fellow military officer, we carried out his previous move 7 years ago which I remember well as it was quite a large removal.

I arranged a visit in order to provide a removal quote before Christmas and was quite surprised at how much there was to move, in fact it was going to take a couple of days to complete the task. We agreed the removal schedule and how many packing boxes were required then I left him with my moving house checklist and carried on to my next survey.

When the removals blackpool date was agreed I dropped the packing boxes off at the house and confirmed the timings.

The collection went well, most of the removals furniture and boxes were loaded leaving the beds until the following day which was another story.

On arrival the second day things started well but I did wonder when a rival company passed by with an empty large removals van on his way to load from the address we were delivering to. This is the start of a removal mans worst nightmare as the keys for the delivery address were going to be delayed. So we began the long wait outside the customers house which was brightened up somewhat by the next door neighbour cooking us lunch.

So onward to the delivery address which again was not an easy task due to the icy conditions on arrival we were confronted by the rival furniture removals van


As you can see from the photo the van is still parked up and the problem is that I have to stay in this lay by until they leave due to the fact that my van would block the road. We finally obtained the keys at 3.30 pm by a phone call from the sellers informing us where they were hidden in the garden.

The protection was layed on the carpets and delivery commenced at 4pm, by 7pm the removal van was unloaded


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