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Removals at Weekend

carrying out a removals to storage in Padiham

Carrying out removals on weekends is a rarity these days in fact most removal companies use the weekends to rest the drivers as per European Driving regulations, however on this occasion I had a removal to bring into my storage unit and the customer wanted us to do it Monday and Tuesday but we were fully booked, it was a large job in excess of 6 storage containers so it had to be done over 2 days including the packing of glass and china.

The first part was to be done Friday and the second half to be done on the Sunday. I have reported on this move before on a previous blog

A selection of glass and china left by the customer to be packed

As you can see by the photo there is a bit of packing to be done. Luckily not too much however the access was rather tricky round the back as per the first photo, the front of the house was even worse as it involved a lot of steps. The first 4 storage containers were loaded with the dining room packed and that was basically Friday over and done with.

getting the dining room ready for the books to be packed


Saturdays move involved a removal from Warton going to Freckleton which was fairly straightforward apart from a very large wall unit which wouldn’t fit through the front door and eventually had to go through the back door and through the garage

getting ready to move from warton

Sunday was back to carrying out the removal into storage from Padiham for a car removal company


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