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Blackpool Office: 01253 620911
Lytham Office: 01253 721902
Preston Office: 01772 825377

Removals at Last

Its been a few months since I had any decent enquiries for removal work, however thanks to a shared effort from myself and my webmaster we managed to get my website performing again, mainly due to a load of bad links from years ago and thanks to google’s disavow tool we managed to dispose of 400 links, I must admit I tried to use the tool myself but couldn’t figure it out.

Job out of store today for one of my friends at Royal Lytham golf club, however didn’t get the keys until 3pm, I wish this government would find an easier way to transact properties.

Off to Luton tomorrow with a removal from St Annes, the customer is a salesman for a Gin company, I can thinkof worst jobs

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