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When carrying out a a furniture storage removal, I’ve never had a request for me to search through the household effects for title documents deeds before.

About 3 years ago I received an enquiry from an accountant who I met through my network for me to pack and empty a full house contents in Lytham for storage. Apparently the house was owned by 2 elderly sisters who had to be taken to a nursing home due to their inability to look after themselves anymore.

To say the house was in a mess was an understatement, nothing had been cleaned for years. It took 2 days for us to load the job which eventually went into 13 containers, once the house had been cleared, the premises was renovated and put up for sale.

I received the panic phone call from the solicitor last week that they needed the title deeds but couldn’t understand the difficulty until I showed them the method of storage. I still have 2 containers to look through yet, but the task is huge.

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