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Once in a while I have to resort to Dad duties while at work, this particular exercise involved driving my youngest daughter to Bispham to take her driving test theory test, this was her second attempt as she failed the first time on the questions regarding dash warning lights.

I must admit I didn’t realise that the theory test included these topics otherwise I would have taught her all the causes and what to do.

While all this was going on, my removal crew was doing an office removal in Blackpool for a regular customer of mine who has quite a lot of document storage in my storage units at the moment.

Luckily my daughter passed the test, much to my relief, so now we can concentrate on the practical side of things.

Not much to report today really as I played golf this afternoon in a match against a formidable opponent and lost dramatically.

One bit of good news though, my driving licence arrived back the DVLA as it was due for its 5 year renewal. This time was a very challenging as they needed a lot more information including the latest ECG report and an opticians report, I suspect that this is a result of the Glasgow refuse lorry crash in 2014, where the driver passed out at the wheel and did not disclose that he had a medical condition to DVLA. One thing I wanted to add is the new site location page I have just set up

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My licence took longer than anticipated to return back to me, for various reasons including an updated photo requirement and the opticians report, in fact my licence had expired by the time my application was in the post, I phoned DVLA and explained my problem, they explained that I was ok to drive under section 88¬†which roughly states that as long as I know no reason why I shouldn’t be driving then I’m ok.

Reassuring ??

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