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Office Moves

office removals

office removalsOffice moving in Manchester

We have carried out many office moves in the past, the most recent office removal was for an IT company in Preston who had to move their business to Manchester for recruitment reasons as they could not hire sufficient quality staff in Preston. I was quite impressed by the fact that they managed to pack all their own boxes in such a short period of time.

We place great emphasis on the correct management of a major office removals job.

The criteria are, responsibility and integrity combined with a flexible attitude. We have carried out office removals for a lot of major organisations including County councils and accountants.

Another relocating job we carried out was a service moving task within a factory in Blackburn moving archive files. The reason for the move was due to lack of spaces in their current location which was not very accessible and because all the files were in order it needed the professionalism of a commercial moving company. Crates had to be used for this job and a lot of stairwork.

Planning a business move

Dedicated management will be given to services and storage removals, both prior to and during the removal with in-depth contributions from the Operations Manager and Project Senior Foreman, both on and off Site throughout the Removal.

In this way, all experience can be channeled into the operation, at the same time ensuring comprehensive management back-up.

Planning and Organisation

On Site planning by commercial movers can be offered, taking into consideration the size of removal van. Included in this time will be the preparation of a detailed programme; preparation of detailed quality control and Health and Safety procedures; the organisation of communications and the organisation of a back-up strategy.

To supplement the on-site planning the Operations Manager, who is office based will take control of all Commercial removals resource organisation and storage.

Removal Preparation Liaison with Client Staff

The Project Senior Foreman will undertake, all ‘training’ and ‘supervision’ of packing and labelling requirements which are to be carried out by STUBBS

Site Control

The Project Manager and Senior Foreman, will be responsible for all site control with regard to STUBBS removal staff and sub-contractors.

Crews will consist of personnel who are all experienced commercial removals staff. All staff will wear uniforms with the Company logo in evidence. These personnel are experienced in working within office environments with the presence of senior client staff from Blackburn.

Mobile telephones will ensure efficient communication between site supervisors.

The Stubbs’ Method

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