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Moving house to Dunoon

international removalsremovals blackpoolSo the latest journey in my removals experience comes with a job to Dunoon, I received this enquiry a couple of months back from a retired traffic cop who was moving house to this particularly tranquil spot in Argyll, the collection point was in Longton near Preston and was a straight forward job owner packed we had a good relationship going and I managed to secure the job and luckily the costs included the ferry crossing from Gourock,  the other alternative was to  drive about 70 miles around the hills which I didn’t really fancy, on the day of the move we were a bit late due to traffic and the oil tanker train from the Lansil site in Preston decided to cross Strand Rd, which I had never seen before, upon arrival we were regularly supplied with tea and biscuits, the job turned out to be larger than we thought but luckily it was all bulky stuff so didn’t take too long to load. The drive up the M6 was a wet one with constant rain until we hit Glasgow then it brightened up, the next task was to find the ferry, which was another challenge, upon first sight of it I didnt think we would fit on but they just waved us on and parted with £220 to the conductor, it took about 20 mins to cross then we needed to find a chippy, not the best, and they ran out of gravy I mean chips without gravy is just not on.

The customer recommended a parking place for the night which turned out to be the marina. This was ideal as it was nice and quiet with a mindful light tapping of sails on the yachts, I extracted my stove from the back of the truck and heated up some water for a wash and a shave, (took me back to my army days). Early night to bed and slept like a log.
The next morning started with a full breakfast by the pier at the rock cafe then meeting the customer at the first delivery point namely a self storage unit in the centre of town. The next delivery was a little more challenging in fact the customer had to show me in his car, I was horrified, it was full of ninety degree bends, uphill and low trees, took me 30 mins to get in by reverse while having to deal with overhanging trees, the unload was fraught with problems  especially from the locals who couldn’t get past with their cars.
furniture removersview of the river clydeThe  second photo shows the walk on delivery and thats the customer walking down the path giving us a hand.
The run back was smooth with a quick view of the Royal Princess berthed up in Port Glasgow
Royal Princess


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