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Moving house to Bishop Stortford

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Well this is my first long distance removal for a long time after mainly concentrating on furniture storage matters The customer phoned me and said I am moving  from St Annes to Bishop Stortford for career purposes and needed a removal quote.  We arrived at 8am on Tuesday morning and luckily the customer had a prepared parking space for me, we  soon had the job underway which went well apart from it being a very bitty job, loaded for 1230hrs then popped home for a spot of lunch.

Wished I hadn’t stopped as I realised the journey would take at least 6 hrs, luckily I fuelled up at 7am, when we finally arrived we were confronted by a frontier of low bridges and weight limits that would deter even the most hardy of removal companies so I had to phone the customer and get him to lead the way,

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on delivery of removals in Bishop stortford

So this is the delivery address and what a view behind. Thought it might be a good idea to get some of the job off in the evening and for that the customer took us out for a chinese and let us use the shower, 7am start the next morning, the beds had to be dismantled to get them upstairs but apart from that it went well until the journey home which took longer than normal as the removal van was stopped for an inspection, luckily everything was ok


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