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Moving house to a self storage unit

Just at the start of the day loading the removal van for self storage

Carrying out a removal in blackburn to a self storage unit is not something I normally do on my terms, as I always try and persuade the customer to store their goods using my storage space so I can offer competitive prices for access units. However these units offer value to a small business as well as being

  1. secure
  2. secure, big,  plenty of spaces,
  3. they can be accessed
  4. handy for businesses storage
  5. security storage
  6. varied requirements

I received the enquiry over the phone from a customer looking for a storage business, not a normal practice however the customer sounded fairly genuine and didn’t have loads of kids so it was safe to assume that there wouldn’t be a lot of stuff for home storage. However on walking around there was a bit more than I thought for size.

someof the items to go to self storage unit

It seemed there was a little more than I expected however it was achievable in the day once I had the customer organized to dismantle certain items and pack boxes to speed things up a bit.

So off to the butty shop to get the breakfast for the crew, yes I know I’m a soft touch, back to the vehicle then off to my storage units to extract some empty storage containers ready for tomorrow.

the last part of the removal unloading to self storage unit

After collecting the removal van for the 3rd time the removals men were just about on there knees as the walk to the storage units was a bit excessive, another good reason to have storage containers on the van.

set off with chris,  set off earlier Chris forgot his phone and went straight to woods bakery instead of straight to the job, he had to find out where we were by borrowing someone s phone at the bakery by which time me I had the grandfather clock stripped down, a bed stripped down and the  storage loaded, I stayed with the job after getting the butties in, customer left his partner Jan to supervise loading for home storage, we loaded by 1230 but I was dashing to get to Mackaela’s auntie Irene funeral,  I only made it to the wake at Stanley park golf course, all the pugs were there in their corner. Left about 5pm back to the job,   had difficulty  assembling the clock as I wound  the weight strings up to much, fixed it by hanging the weight on the string, told the customer this. Up to Stalmine tonight then off to the millers arms for tea no alcohol, stomach seems better so I will stay on detox for another week, really tired tonight.

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