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Moving Overseas with Stubbs

The routine for the initial enquiry survey is much the same as the domestic removal survey except for some of the questions customers ask.

When taking the initial enquiry I usually ask where the customer had heard of us, then they always tell me why they are moving, in this area the main reason is usually retirement, the main criteria for overseas removals is volume or size of the job as the price per cubic feet is a lot higher.

For full house removals the most popular method is by 20ft container dedicated to the customer, a  3 bed house would normally fit into one of these.

We also get a lot of enquiries for small moves in which case we would collect the job, pack and protect it by wrapping each item of furniture in quilted paper then deliver it to another overseas removal company who specialise in consolidated part loads from other removal companies locally in the north west to make up one 40ft container which is then shipped to another overseas removal company in the destination country who would then unload the container in their warehouse, then deliver each consignment individually to the customers.

These type of moves can take time to get to the destination, a full container is quicker because it doesn’t have to be unloaded into a warehouse (with the exception of Australia) and can go straight from the port to the house and unloaded there, this would take about 8 weeks, the part load method can take up to 13 weeks due to the delay at the collection end waiting for the container to be filled.

On the survey the main topics of discussion are insurance, transit time, protection.
The routine for the survey is exactly the same as for the domestic survey however each individual item of furniture is listed room by room, cartons are listed with a general list of contents. Once the survey is completed I recommend the best method of transit, ie part load or full container load, any thing over half a 20ft container would be considered worth it being dedicated to the customer. Insurance is extremely specialised and expensive at £3.50 per £100 value but it does cover for most conditions, however the basic rules of no liquids etc do apply. A knowledge of banned items for certain countries are also explained to the customer such as certain types of wood not allowed into Australia for fear of termite infestation.

The quote is prepared similar to a domestic move with the exception that the items to be moved are listed in the quote to prevent confusion as to what is to be moved as volume is critical.

If the customer accepts then the contract is signed and a valuation for insurance is given. On collection day the routine is exactly the same however we do insist on packing the boxes as the customs in the destination country insist that movers do this to prevent customers hiding prohibited items an inventory is taken showing in brackets what the boxes contain and the items are loaded on to the vehicle and returned to the warehouse for unloading into store, over the next few days our staff then pack the furniture in quilted paper ready for loading into a container at our depot or at the consolidators warehouse.

When the container is shipped the control is passed over the shipping company who own the boat who then send special documentation to the removal company in the destination country who will deliver the goods for us, they will then contact our customer as to what customs forms need to be completed and ask our customer to report to their office to carry this out or it can be done online in some cases when the container arrives it is loaded on to a truck and delivered to the customers house and unloaded by the removal company allocated to this, furniture is unwrapped and checked for damage against the inventory that we have sent them, materials removed etc. boxes again are usually unpacked by the customer but must be completed in 7 days for insurance purposes.

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