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Getting a removals van ready for MOT

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Todays main objective was getting the removal van ready for MOT, the list of tasks are renew the rear shock absorbers and repair the exhaust.

The shock absorbers were a surprisingly easy to replace but needed one of the garage technicians to pull from the top to get the bolt in, I had them both fitted in under an hour.

Next item on the agenda was to repair the in the exhaust silencer split.

A visit to the MOT station needed to be carried out as part of legislation, one advantage of carrying out my own inspections is that the vehicle remains in top working condition. In the old days MOT tests were carried out in government test stations such as the one I always used in Kirkham Lancashire. Nowadays these have been closed down in favour of independently owned garages such as main dealerships or large haulage companies. One major advantage of these is that it is easy to carry out repairs on site, which you couldn’t do with the old sites

I received a visit from one of my customers that he needed his removals items out of storage this afternoon. Normally this would be a problem but luckily the storage containers were at the front and it wasn’t a great hardship to hand the contents out.

The removal company who turned up to collect the items had been around before however they were equipped the same as always with no blankets to collect the customers goods, as you can see the items in our storage units were well protected and it deemed such a shame to hand them out to a moving company who couldn’t look after them properly.

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