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Removals from Chorley with a regular

removals chorley

So now the summer removals madness begins to kick in, it has always been the busiest time of the tear due to the youngsters starting their summer break. My first task this morning was to unload an empty storage container then wait for the removal crew to arrive. Once underway I travelled to Euxton near


Office removals in Blackpool

Once in a while I have to resort to Dad duties while at work, this particular exercise involved driving my youngest daughter to Bispham to take her driving test theory test, this was her second attempt as she failed the first time on the questions regarding dash warning lights. I must admit I didn’t realise


Getting a removals van ready for MOT

  Todays main objective was getting the removal van ready for MOT, the list of tasks are renew the rear shock absorbers and repair the exhaust. The shock absorbers were a surprisingly easy to replace but needed one of the garage technicians to pull from the top to get the bolt in, I had them


Removals from Fleetwood and DIY SOS

  Hey it’s my birthday, on the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme now there’s an omen if I ever heard one. Birthday present so far card and a bottle of Gotier aftershave. Just a small move from Fleetwood to Blackpool today so nothing to taxing. First of all I had to unload


Removals on a wet and windy day

removals blackpool

       Two jobs on today the first job is collecting a furniture removals job from the Palatine Road area in Blackpool to come into store now this is the council job however when we arrived I was actually surprised as to the cleanliness and Quality of the furniture as normally this leaves a


Removals from Thornton to Poulton

The day started with the job from storage to be loaded before we set off for today’s removal in Thornton we had already moved this customer from Spain using another removal company who goes there regularly and held her goods in storage for about three months there was a particular statue that was worth literally


Working between removals and Truck repairs

      When I left school it didn’t take me long to figure out what I wanted to do in life, that was repair trucks, I just had a passion for it, I managed to get an apprenticeship in the workshop of a rival removal company in Blackpool called Brewer and Turnbull. I didn’t


Removals to Blackpool and driving licence

Removals Lythjam

  It’s that time of year when instead of focusing on removals and storage I have to concentrate on getting the removal van ready for MOT, now I know it’s a silly time to carry this out but sometimes thats just the way it goes I’m afraid. The first task this morning after walking the


Removals to Durham

Sometimes when I get an an enquiry for moving house it can take weeks or even months for the actual removals date to come into fruition, this particular move was no exception.

The customer was an old lady moving from Anchor Way in St Annes, just behind the cricket club. When I carried out the survey one of her daughters was present, which was a blessing in disguise as there was a heck of a lot of stuff.


Office Move in Darwen

Carrying out archive removals is one of those tasks which looks easy in principle, however it is one of those tasks which is best explained by the famous military term ” No plan survives contact with the enemy”. This Removals task which I was asked to quote for involved moving filing cabinets and files from


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