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Office Move in Darwen

office removals in prestonCarrying out archive removals is one of those tasks which looks easy in principle, however it is one of those tasks which is best explained by the famous military term ” No plan survives contact with the enemy”.

This Removals task which I was asked to quote for involved moving filing cabinets and files from one part of a site in Darwen to another due to the room being used for another type of storage. Sounds easy ? but the delivery part was was 3 flights of 45 degree stairs which I took into account, or so I thought.

removals and storage

Moving day arrived and started well apart from the hour long safety induction , the filing cabinets had to be emptied into crates and labelled accordingly so they ended up back in the same drawer, now on delivery the pain started, I couldn’t believe the amount of energy required to carry the 150 crates up those stairs. By lunchtime we were exhausted, so by 4 pm we called it a day.

I needed  fresh legs so I managed to hire a couple of lads from a fellow mover friend of mine and luckily one of them was a 23 yr old boxer making  the task much easier and provided much needed training for him.

Its been a while since I’ve worked in a factory environment and the strict health and safety regulations took some getting used, now health and safety is paramount to me and it comes naturally to me being hands on so I always make sure myself and the staff work in a safe environment after all if they are off sick due to an accident its the customer and me that suffers. When we first arrived we were not allowed to work until we had carried out induction training in front of a computer, the type of questions involved were different tones of the alarm indicating fire or incident, what types of fire extinguisher to use, understanding the ban of mobile phones (a good rule in my case)

2 days later the task was completed.

The next move involved moving a customer from Pleckgate to Rishton, and involved dismantling of furniture.

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