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Collecting Packing Materials

removal companiesEarly morning start for me, it is Saturday and normally a quiet day for me, first job was to collect packing materials from the furniture removals job we did to Out Rawcliffe last week, due to me still suffering with my groin injury caused by doing too many removals in Lytham at later stage of life, in fact I am convinced this is a young mans industry. With this in mind I needed the assistance of friends and family. Even though lifting empty removals boxes sounds easy, it isn’t with an injury. My eldest daughter came to the rescue by meeting me at the collection address along with my other younger daughter, partner and her son, all the removals boxes were held in a storage unit namely a shed. Most of the properties in this area are ex farms or diy, I must admit I didn’t expect to see so many removals boxes and packing materials including wardrobe cartons. Luckily the customer helped us to load the car. Not all the boxes fit the car so we had to transport the excess into another shed, so I could collect another day. To be honest I think I will need the large removal van to fit everything in.

From there I travelled to work and unloaded the boxes into my storage unit, then off to the flat to change into my suit. It is important to look the part when doing a removals quote and I had 3 jobs to survey that morning.

Managed to carry out a removal from Lostock Hall to Longridge, fairly easy job for a removals company like ourselves, however it did involve a fair bit of dismantling of beds, desk and feet off the settee to ensure it fitted through the door in Longridge, I’m not sure other removal companies carry this out.

Only 2 containers and nice and easy stuff to stack with a couple of beds which is usefulĀ  as there is a lot of glass to put between them all the boxes around a pact with the box is supplied by me however I did on I did notice that a few of them rattled I should’ve given the customer a few packing tips in fact we only filled one container which was useful as I’m running out of containers fast job done by 11 o’clock thank all her lunch she Leyland Daf to collect tachograph charts have some spare side markers



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